ISL Zweibrücken location organizes health day


ISL Innovative System Logistic GmbH – „together fit“ – zweibrücken location organizes health day

Under the slogan „Together fit“ ISL Innovative System Logistik GmbH organized their first Health Day at the Zweibrücken location on 14 July 2015. As a part of occupational health management, ISL employees were able to use different health care programmes on that day. A stress measurement with a cardio scan was offered In co-operation with AOK Rheinland-Pfalz/Saarland.

That creates an exact three-dimensional cardio portrait is made via an ECG, the individual stress index and the fitness level are also determined, in addition training recommendations are given accordingly. In addition to the counselling at the work place for example ergonomic issues when collecting material ordering or office administration work the employees were able to ask advice on various health topics directly with the health advisor. The personal advice and counselling was also supported by information provided by the BGHW. ISL company physician Johannes Staab MD was present for a health check and medical counselling. He offered blood pressure and blood sugar measurements, an eyesight test and determined employees’ body mass index. A stall with fresh smoothies and snacks was demonstrate to employees that a healthy diet is important and, above all, delicious. The Health Day was supported and organized by external health managers of GAB mbH company. In addition to this successful event, further activities based on an analysis already carried out concerning workplace stress are to follow in order to improve employee’s health and satisfaction.

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