420 employees work in the logistic centers of ISL AUTOMOTIVE worldwide. We procure, commission, store and deliver parts, modules and kits for suppliers and automobile manufacturers – including all sorts of financial and logistic services.

As a neutral provider of intelligent industrial and system logistics, through our individually developed systems, we achieve the ultimate degree of integration with an automobile plant.

The advantages:

  • Infrastructure, equipment and qualified employees directly at the production location ensure for smooth sequencing and a profitable module production
  • Suppliers can wholly depend on us and need neither to be present on site, nor keep their own stock.

Just-in-time und just-in-sequence: Verlassen Sie sich auf optimalen Input und sichere Versorgung!

ISL – all is in flow.

Our organization – including all financial and logistical services – is based on a transparent flow of information. Highly modern dispatch software with GPS monitors all cargo movements and our own warehouse management system – “mobile WMS” – integrates all common formats and also has interfaces with mobile data collection devices. We even take on the entire responsibility for stock and administration, whether we use our own or your ERP systems.

Get in touch with us to find out about all the different possibilities and individual assembly solutions for you and your company!

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