Your friend and assistant for healthcare logistics.

The Health Care market is continually growing.

Daily new products are being launched onto the market driving a significant increase in the complexity of the business. The demands for innovative, efficent logistic processes and systems to manage the increase in complexity and delivery expactations are high.

ISL offers both the manufacturers and wholesalers a proven solution to guarantee and simplify the supply chain.

ISL leaves nothing to chance.

We set the highest standards and performance expectations throughout our logistic business and services. We have adapted and applied that experience within the health care business, thereby significantly reducing the complexity for our healthcare Partners.

The ISL team handles with the highest care your medical products and medical equipment. In our operations we receive your products at the ISL healthcare logistic center where all information is scanned into the warehouse Management system. The product items are sorted and placed into the appropriate storage locations by product type and scanned into the system with the location position. Once we receive an order from our customer the team commissions the various items, scan them again into the system and based on customer requirements pack the items and attach a barcode. Depending on our customers order, ISL will also transport the order to the location and even to the patients bedside.

A successful healthcare logistic service is defined by maintaining the highest Quality standards and service levels which achieves all the diverse legal standards and requirements.

In the ISL healthcare logistic center all necessary certified Quality standards are fully met.

You can rely on ISL to exceed customer expactations and to deliver your healthcare products secure and on-time.

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