ISL Automotive earns Ford Q1 Award


The Q1 Award is the highest honour, which Ford lends to a supplier. ISL AUTOMOTIVE’s receiving this prestigious award is an important step in the company’s development.

On 19 July 2011 Ugur Türköz, STA Manager, presented the highly sought-after Q1 Award to ISL AUTOMOTIVE, in the name Ford Motor Company. Jürgen Dincher, managing director of the ISL AUTOMOTIVE GmbH, said: “We are very proud that Ford honoured our commitment to reaching the highest quality standards with this very special certificate and we thank you for this.” To Jürgen Ehl, Quality Assurance Manager at ISL, he added: “Thanks also to Jürgen Ehl and his team in the quality assurance for this outstanding achievement.”

For ISL AUTOMOTIVE the Q1 Award is highly important. Particularly, because it shows that quality requirements and process innovations are always at the highest level for ISL AUTOMOTIVE and have continuously highest priority. ISL, as an independent automotive full-service provider for intelligent industry and system logistics as well as fastidious assemblies’ solutions has been proving this to Ford for years. The prize has been awarded since 1981 to first-class suppliers. World-wide, approximately 60% of the Ford suppliers fulfil the conditions for the Q1 Award. These suppliers must obtain a continuously outstanding level regarding customer satisfaction.

For Ford, this means the highest requirements of quality, reliability, logistics and engineer achievements. With Q1, Ford extends the standards of international quality standards such as ISO/TS certification, quality characteristic numbers (PPM), logistics ratings and the consumer work certification by specific requirements to the quality management system of potential-suppliers. It covers a full spectrum – as defined in the specially created rules – with fundamental quality and production standards, which are to guarantee that all suppliers, also in the future, will continue to operate successfully in the market and are constantly evolving. In order to be able to become a supplier at Ford, producers must achieve the so-called Q1 status.

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