ISL takes over the sequential assembly at Ford


ISL AUTOMOTIVE GmbH on behalf of ford, ISL takes over the sequential assembly of defrosters for the ford c max and the sequencing of fake panels for the ford grand c max model

Since mid 2014, ISL Automotive GmbH has been assigned by FORD with two more operations concerning the models Ford C Max and Ford Grand C Max at ISL’s Saarwellingen plant.

The sequential assembly of the defroster, an interior component which closes the gap between instrument panel and windscreen, is carried out since May 2014 for Ford C Max.. In this process, a Pick-by-Light system is used for the preparation of the assembly. Customized assembly equipment specifically designed for this process ensures smooth and error-free assembly of all components by ISL. Located next to the defroster assembly area, the sequencing of the Fake Panels – a plastic-final screen matching the car color – is performed for the Ford Grand C M since June 2014.

ISL ships the assembled components to FORD Saarwellingen using its own trucks running in a 3-shift-operation.

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